The eve of IAAD International Albinism Awareness Day

It is the eve of International Albinism Awareness Day. In some parts of the world celebrations have already begun. This is our time. Many have done the work, lain the foundation so that we can unite to celebrate our individual and collective accomplishments. Personally, this heightened awareness for albinism is on par with the joy and pride many in my country experienced in 2008 when voters elected the first African American President, President Barak Obama. I see IAAD as a beginning. Like those who worked endless hours, weeks, months and years to make it possible for the United States to elect an African American to lead the country, similarly, many individuals and organizations paved the path for the United Nations to decree June 13th as a day of awareness, a day of celebration, and a day to gather as community. 
Below I have provided links to messages from the United Nations High commissioner, the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation, Under The Same Sun and from Patricia Wilocq, a renowned photographer whose current project Blanc Ebène, White Ebony is a collaboration with the Gertler Family Foundation. These are but a few of the many individuals and grmoups who advocate for people affected with albinis. 

UN High Commissioner Message

Patricia Willocq is a freelance photographer born 1980 in the Congo. 

After completing her Master’s degree in Translation at the Higher Institute of Translators and Interpreters in Brussels (ISTI) she decided to travel around the world and developed her photography skills along the way.  
Amongst the many assignments she undertakes around the world she also dedicates time to support the work of associations and NGOs fighting in the field of human rights. 
White Ebony, one of her last photographic essay about people with albinism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has won a honourable mention at the Unicef Photo of the Year Award 2013 and has been exhibited at Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
She endeavours to avoid miserabilism and her work is often associated with projects that promote tolerance and dignity. 
White Ebony- Blanc Ébène 


Author: blackgirlwhiteskin

I am a writer, champion of children and I educate and advocate on the issue of Albinism.

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