Paris Travel Journal: The Eiffel Tower

Monday May 26, 2014

Yesterday I set out to visit the Eiffel Tower. My treat to myself was lunch at the Tower restaurant. I booked the reservation weeks ago, even before i booked the flight. I navigated the metro with ease arriving at the Trocadéro station. When I came up to street level there were so many people! Right, it’s Sunday and Mothers Day. After I purchased a bottle of water for fortification I walked 2 feet and caught my first glimpse of the Lady herself. No matter how many times I lay eyes upon the Tour Eiffel I catch my breath. I felt cheeks grow full as I smiled. Wow. I crossed the plaza along with many others. I looked out from above taking in the vastness before me

As I made my way down countless steps leading from the Trocadéro ever so carefully as to avoid falling I continued to take in everything around me. I could hear many languages being spoken, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Japanese and more I couldn’t identify. The day was sunny and was sunny and warm and there were families. People were happy.
The thing about tourist attractions like this is that there are always people hawking inexpensive souvenirs. Getting around these individuals was not always easy. After a couple of “non merci” I proceeded to ignore these guys. Ignoring them worked well for me. Eventually I walked by the Trocadero gardens getting ever closer to my destination. I recalled my last visit here which was four years ago with my teen daughter. That time it was Easter and for some reason there weren’t as many people. That or I forgot, which is completely possible. My daughter Jewel and I had a blast? We people watched, took in the tower from afar, each agreeing the lines were too much for us. Ok so there were lines. I knew I’d likely forgotten.

Finally I was on the grounds of the Eiffel Tower. There were lines everywhere and construction between the tower legs. With the assistance of some lovely tourists I made my way to the information booth, obtained my ticket for the lift (elevator) and headed to yet another line. This line moved quickly. We were then herded into the Lift which reminded me of Space Mountain at Disneyland. We quickly arrived at the first level whereupon I exited the lift anxious to take in the surroundings. The coolest thing was the transparent flooring. Yes I stood on it. After I made my way around the outdoors area I headed into the restaurant. I was seated at a table overlooking the Seine and facing the Trocadéro.

Lunch was picnic chic which for me consisted of salad, salmon with potatoes. And creme caramel flan
for dessert. Honestly, the food was ok nothing special. .
After experiencing some amazing food this was a bit of a letdown. However the best part of the experience was watching the face of a woman while she was being proposed to. It was very romantic.




Preparation is the Key

I am just over two weeks away from departing for Paris. The time is flying by. So I decided it would be valuable to get my seat assignment for the different flights I am on. Somehow I neglected to do so when booking the flights. My first call was to Air Canada. Initially I was put off by the wait I time, (your wait time is 24 minutes to 39 minutes) Really? Well, ok. Much to my surprise 12 minutes into being on hold I heard the lovely voice of a Canadian gentleman. Winning! Not only did he provide me with seat assignments he also made certain I would receive support with the transfer to the second leg of my journey. Did I say how much I already love Air Canada. Next I telephoned United. The customer service gal provided me with a seat assignment. While she wasn’t as overtly helpful I did get my needs met.

I am a planner. Those who know me well both value and detest this quality. Being a planner means I research, make lists, and have in this case, my trip mapped out from start to finish. This helps me immensely. And so, I continue to plan.