Reflections on Paris

The summer of 1987 I had the great fortune to turn twenty five in the City of Light. Being in Paris was the trip of a lifetime. I was in France for six weeks. I explored the city daily, frequently taking off from the tiny apartment I was staying in directly after breakfast. I visited the Louvre weekly. I fell in love with the stained glass windows of the Notre Dame Cathedral. I happened upon the Luxembourg Gardens. I walked everywhere.

I was a very shy young woman. Traveling alone taught me many valuable lessons I continue to utilize today. For example: when faced with adapting to a culture not one’s own equipped with only high school french, one just dives in. When met with a new transportation system, rather than be overwhelmed I embraced the metro. For using the metro was ultimately easy.

An avid journal keeper, I wrote more than 300 pages during that trip. In just over three weeks I will once again depart for Paris. I am retracing the path of my twenty five year old self. I will be chronicling the journey here and via Facebook.

Paris here we come



I am a woman who navigates the world from a unique perspective. You see, I am African American. I am also Albino. As a result my life has been interesting to say the least. And so I have created this blog. I invite you to walk alongside me to share my world. Our first journey has already begun.